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Are you planning to take your writing passion to all-new levels? Are you a beginner on this digital platform and still confused about how to start your journey? Well, we understand your confusion to choose one between WordPress or Blogger.

It is undoubtedly a tough decision to make when the question is WordPress vs. Blogger. However, both of them possess an equally important place when it comes to blogging. But you finally need to decide which is better?

There is no denying the fact that WordPress and Blogger are both the best two platforms for blogging. It can be a perfect debatable topic when it comes to choosing between these two. Where Blogger is quite simpler to use, WordPress is more technical in terms. So, if you are at the start of your journey, Blogger can be a lot helpful.

While on the other hand, WordPress is good to go with if you are well experienced in the field. Just to make your decision easier, let’s dive in to see far more criteria to choose among both.

What is WordPress?

Those who are entirely unaware of this term let us have a brief discussion about it. WordPress is a kind of software that allows you to create your website or blog. Introduced in the year 2003, WordPress is now the no. 1 platform used by millions of website owners to showcase their skills.

Those who are from a tech background can quickly get along with the technical specifications of this platform. But is you are a non-tech person but interested in writing, you can learn all about it in various video tutorials.

Anyone can make a WordPress account for free, but you will need to buy a domain and to host (i.e., to create your website here, which can cost you some dollars. Once you are over with signing up, you can quickly learn the basics and improve your skills. Moreover, you get multiple assistance options in this software to improve your work before posting them online.

What is Blogger?

Well, a software commonly known as Blogspot is no less than a miracle to beginners. It started in 1999 and was redesigned and owned by google in 2003; it looks the same since then. With access to a free account and hosting, you can smoothly go online without spending a penny.

You get a subdomain for free, but for a customized domain you need to pay, all the account holders are given a subdomain with Blogspot in it (i.e.,

But if you don’t want the Blogspot name, you can buy a custom domain as per the availability. Though Blogger won’t provide you with a custom domain itself instead, you need to buy it from a third party like GoDaddy, Bigrock, or any other trusted third party.

Check Out the Criteria:

Like any other phase in life, we always need to have some essential criteria to make a final decision or compare the two products. Likewise, here are some criteria that we need to consider while choosing one.

●     Search engine optimization (SEO): All the bloggers out there know well about the critical optimization of their articles to rank well on google. And what could be more helpful than an SEO tool to guide you on the way.

●     Adaptability: When it comes to being adaptable to any new product or platform, we always want something that can be quickly learned and proficiently used. All it takes is the simplicity of the application for the user. 

●     Customized templates: Well, what else you need when you get some pre-cooked food. Likewise, ample pre-planned templates are beneficial for writers to showcase their writing skills in a creative form. 

●     Additional tools: Accessories are always welcomed with a bunch of services. A free way to create and delete the contents as per their requirement can make the system more comfortable to use and comply with the norms. 

●     Google Adsense: An option to support your blog or website with google Adsense approval can help you reach more audiences with new ads that will help you make many dollars. 

●     Transfers: One surely needs protection and retrieval of their content when they shift from one site to another. But some offer data protection while others don’t. So, check before you move your blog from one platform to another.

●     Ownership: Everyone likes to be their boss, but does it hold to your blog as well? There is a difference in the purchase of your content between WordPress and Blogger. You have to decide who you want to trust with that, yourself, or some third party. 

●     Security: A protection to all the data you upload is of prime concern. You would never like anyone to copy your content and become your competitor in the same domain. A sound security system to protect your content is a must.

WordPress Vs. Blogger- A Clear Face-Off: 

It seems quite more comfortable to make a comparison between the two when you got a primary platform. So, let us dive in to find the perfect match for you to explore your writing skills. When it comes to choosing between WordPress vs. Blogger, you got to trust your instincts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):     

A well experienced or a beginner writer knows well about the importance of on-page and off-page SEO to rank their work on the world’s most significant search engine Google. And if you get a tool to optimize it yourself, it is a win-win. Let us check what the options given for SEO in both the software are

SEO in Blogger:

Though BloggerGoogle itself owns Blogger, you still won’t get enough options to optimize your content. Instead, you need to take the help of other paid tools like Ubersuggest. And no one can deny the fact content is never worth till its optimized. So, Blogger is not the perfect option for optimization. You need to research about SEO and readability to increase your reach.

SEO in WordPress:

When it comes to optimization, this software provides you with multiple plugins to improve your on-page SEO and your content’s readability. Good readability can enhance your ranking on google.
Whenever you write an article on Worpress, you get an option and tips at the bottom of the page to improve SEO and readability of your content. These are some basic options available for all. But if you are well experienced in the field, you can opt for a paid toll names Ahref, which is more advanced for SEO.

Final Verdict: WordPress is better in this context.


No doubt, every one of us wants simpler things to deal with. And when it comes to using software of a digital platform, adaptability, and ease of use is the primary concern of every user. Be it a beginner or a tech master or maybe a non-tech guy, all of them want to use the platform far from complexities. So here is a detailed comparison for you to see which one is easier to use.

Adaptability in Blogger:

To sate in simple words, BLOGGER is a beginner’s guide to excellence. Those from a non-tech background or have recently started their blogging journey find it easier to operate with Blogger compared to any other platform. This platform provides you with all the essential spices you need to prepare your content without any complicated functions.

You only need to do is use your google account to sign in to Blogger, choose a subdomain name, and you are all set with a brand-new dashboard to start your work. Add a new blog, place a catchy title, choose a template design, write from the bottom of your heart, and publish it when you are done. Viola!! Your first article is online for your audience in just no time.

Adaptability in WordPress:

Well, WordPress is a boon to techies; they get almost all the tools they need to create outstanding work. Apart from an extensive collection of themes, you also get multiple lupins to add amazing features to your website or blog. Just install the plugin, and you are all set with new features.

Even if you don’t know to code, you need not worthy because signing in to WordPress is no rocket science. Though many options in the sidebar might confuse you for a while, some video tutorials can make it all seem more straightforward. Add your text, optimize, improve readability all in one place with just one click.

Final Verdict: Both are equally well in their adaptability.

Customized Templates:

Your appearance is all that matters to attract people; likewise, how does your blog look make a massive difference to your site’s bounce-back rate? The more attractive the appearance is more reliable, it will be your connection with the audience. And if you get customized templates, pre-made for you just to make a choice, then it’s a bumper prize. So, let’s only discover which platforms gives you more variety of designs.

Customization in Blogger:

Though Blogger is simpler to use and not much technically inclined, and that is why it comes with minimal templates and customization options. Though there are some primary varieties available that look elegant, they are quite common. Since there are millions of users on Blogger, so you have no unique option to choose.
The only good part here is that you have some options available rather than doing it all by yourself, but even if you know the tech part, you cannot make any changes in the provided templates.

Customization in WordPress:

Like the highly recommended and widely used software, WordPress is perfectly known for its unique template options. Just not only a few, but almost thousands of different customizable templates are provided to make your website look as stunning as you wish.
You can not only use the provided templates, but if you know a little about the technology, you can even make your template all by yourself. There is a variety for all the kinds of niches out there, be it food, travel, music, digital, tech, spiritual, or some other blog of your choice, you get what you desire.

Final Verdict: Without a second thought, WordPress is a leader here.

Additional Tools:

Who doesn’t love a bunch of free accessories or tools to improve the output? And when you need to create new or refine the existing work, you would surely need some extra tools to that in the right way. Let us check out which platform provides you with an inbuilt tool kit and which doesn’t.

Additional Tools in Blogger:

Well, blogging needs a lot more than just basic templates. You would require tolls to improve your SEO, tools for creative ideas, keyword research tools, and one more to boost your traffic. But with Blogger, you get none of this inbuilt in the software. You have to visit another website for all these amenities.

Additional Tools in WordPress:

Indeed, WordPress is better than Blogger in this context. If not all, but you surely get some tools within the software, they are paid, but the best part is you don’t need to turn millions of web pages just to land on the right one. You get Yoast SEO plugin, Ahrefs; all made entirely to use with WordPress. But if you need some more for competitive research and keyword research, you can use semrush.

Final Verdict: WordPress is the winner here.

Google Adsense:

Surely, no one can deny the fact the money is all that this world is revolving around. Though you initially start blogging to showcase your skill to the world. Or maybe you want to take your dreams to the next level. But after some growth, you will finally realize that you should make some dollars out of it. And making money online is possible only with Google Adsense.

Adsense Approval in Blogger:

As it has been told at the very start of this article that BloggerGoogle itself owns Blogger, but that just not apply that all the accounts on Blogger can get AdSense approval. Though it was quite more comfortable in the earlier days to get support on Blogger as compared to any other website with time, Google has changed a lot with its algorithm and made the whole process a lot more complicated.

Adsense Approval in WordPress:

Being a self-hosted website, WordPress is more trustworthy and provides more authority to gain Google Adsense approval. Though here again, things are not easy to get approved, you need to make little less effort. Since on WordPress with all the tools available, you could improve your page and get it quickly verified as compared to Blogger.

Final Verdict: It’s more comfortable with WordPress to get Adsense approval.


All of us wish to keep our things safe while moving from one place to another. Likewise, when we shift our blog from one domain to another or from one software to another, we always want to keep our data and audience securely transferred to another site. If there is no good portability option, you might lose the effort you made for a long time in just one go. Let us check where you get more assurance of secured transfers of your data.

Transfer in Blogger:

All of us start somewhere and what could be a more straightforward way to start other than Blogger. But eventually, as our reach increases, we would like to move to a website with self-hosting and a new domain. And the whole process of moving the entire thing from Blogger to a website can be a little overwhelming.

Though you can securely preserve your data, you might lose your audience, followers, and page ranking. And that is something just not acceptable to lose all your efforts in one go and again start from scratch. So surely, Blogger lacks up here.

Transfer in WordPress:

This is a plus point for WordPress users, and everything is portable here. You can transfer your site as it is to a new domain or hosting. Without losing your followers, your SEO ranking, and your audience as well, you can be anywhere you want with all your stuff. The incredible thing is that you never need to start from scratch as you had with Blogger. 

Final Verdict: WordPress is a clear-cut winner.


Working in the kingdom and ruling the empire are two completely different things. Similarly, owning a blog owned by others and being your boss, on the other hand, are all two opposite aspects. What do you like more? Let us find out which platform you should choose.

Ownership in Blogger:

Entirely owned by the big master Google, Blogger is not wholly yours. It feels similar to working under authority. And you have no right to make changes on your blog by yourself. Since Google is the owner, it has all the right to shut down your blog anytime if it finds any glitch. You won’t even get a prior notification to amend your mistake.

Ownership in WordPress:

Since you use a domain and a hosting purchased from the third party, you are now the whole and sole owner of your website. You have the complete authority to choose its fate. You decide when to start and when to shut it down. Nobody else can interfere with your decision.

Final Verdict: WordPress leads the game.


Whether it’s personal or professional, security is always of topmost priority. And the same applies to your precious work. You would never like someone to copy your article because of the low security of the software you are using. So it is mandatory to check with the security certificate of your service provider before you choose one.

Security with Blogger:

Google is undoubtedly the boss of internet surfing, and when it owns something, then the site is entirely foolproof. There can be no space of intrusion in the Google security management system. So, without a doubt, Blogger is a completely safe platform.  

Security with WordPress:

WordPress is undoubtedly a secured software, but you need to put some effort in this case. Since you buy hosting from a third party, all the backups are your responsibility. Since you are the boss here, you need to see the management as well. But to ease your comfort, you get multiple plugins that can help you with backup and firewall security and a lot more.

Final Verdict: Both of them are equally good on their part.

Well, after such a detailed discussion, you would now be able to decide what you need, Blogger, or WordPress? We cannot make any of these a complete winner because you choose to make at last. Depending upon your working style, your needs, and your future goals, you need to decide what best fits in.
If you are just starting the journey, it is recommended to go for Blogger, but if you are all done with the basics and plan for something bigger, WordPress should be your final choice. No matter what you choose, it should ultimately be for your excellent and bright future.
Well, we hope that our detailed guide would have solved many doubts running through your mind, and it would be easier nor to make a decision. You no more need to turn on to different sites to read separately about both, this face-off between the two can solve your purpose very well.

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