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24/7 WordPress website maintenance services

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WordPress is the best CMS out there that offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Your choice of WordPress platform for your business is definitely a good one. With the customizations available in WordPress comes the responsibility of WordPress maintenance. This is where WordPress maintenance service comes into the picture. In this article, we will explore the benefits you can have when you use a WordPress maintenance service for your business website. 

Running a WordPress website is an ongoing process. You have to take care of frequent updates for your WordPress theme, plugins, and the WordPress core. Time and again, WordPress publishes updates to its core to add new features and address security vulnerabilities to make WordPress better with each update. 

Apart from updates, you need to create and maintain content on your website, optimize the website for SEO, keep track of comments, optimize images, etc. There are other minor maintenance tasks on the same line that you need to take care of as you continue to successfully run your website every day. The success of a well-running website depends on how well the maintenance tasks are performed. Thus, maintenance can make or break your website. 

As a business owner, you cannot afford to engage in the time-consuming maintenance of your website. If you delegate the maintenance task to a WordPress maintenance service, you can save that precious time and have peace of mind knowing WordPress maintenance is handled by experts. A good WordPress maintenance service ensures that the security, updates, speed, and user experience are kept at the optimal level at all times.

What Should A WordPress Maintenance Service Include?

The following are some of the parameters that a WordPress maintenance service should cover. This is not an exhaustive list, but it can give you an idea of what to expect. 

1. Security

The crucial factor to consider when opting for a WordPress maintenance service is security. The service should protect from various security threats such as malware attack, brute force attack, SQL injections, and hacking. It should include WordPress database service and a firewall for your business website. 

2. WordPress Updates

The core reason for having a WordPress maintenance service is that it should take care of WordPress updates as they happen. This involves updating the WordPress core, theme, and plugins whenever the updates are available. 

Updating also involves backing up the WordPress website before the updates take place. This ensures that you can roll back to the previous version of your website if the update breaks the website. Thus, backup and updating should be taken care of by the WordPress maintenance service you opt for.  

3. Regular Backup

Apart from backups that are taken before updating, your business website should be backed up regularly. Backup is an essential part of website maintenance. WordPress website maintenance service includes regular backups at regular intervals. You should check if you get daily, weekly and monthly backups. 

As backups are time-consuming, it is best that a WordPress maintenance service handles it for you. 

4. Uptime Monitoring

One essential task that a WordPress maintenance service performs is uptime monitoring. The service keeps track of the uptime of your WordPress website. This way, you can check the reliability of the hosting provider you are utilizing. Uptime monitoring can help detect traffic peaks, instances when resources are depleting, and anomalies that can cause downtime. 

Uptime monitoring helps you to stay up to date with the actual time your website is online. If it is not what you expect it to be, you ask the WordPress maintenance service provider to examine the issue and take measures to achieve optimum uptime for your business website. 

5. Code Management

If your website needs a code change, your WordPress maintenance service can keep track of changes. This can help if you mess up with the code somewhere. Many maintenance providers offer expert help when you need to modify the code for your WordPress website. 

6. Technical SEO Management

A good WordPress management service can take care of technical SEO for your website. This additional step can go a long way in your efforts to boost SEO for your website. An example of this can be –  properly formatting meta descriptions, tags, meta titles, etc. 

7. Staging Environment

Not every maintenance service offers staging environments. A staging environment is useful when you want to experiment with your website while keeping your live website unaffected. A Staging environment allows you to test plugins, different codes, new themes, etc. Check if the WordPress maintenance service you are considering is offering a staging environment. 

Some managed WordPress hosting providers like Nestify offer staging environments as a part of the hosting package. Managed WordPress hosting also optimizes your website for speed and provides so many benefits such as security, backups, and uptime, to name a few.

So these were some of the things that a typical WordPress maintenance service provides as a part of the package. Let’s see how it can benefit your business. 

Benefits of WordPress maintenance service for your business

1. Security of your business website

A WordPress maintenance service takes care of security concerns of your website. Security threats are addressed as and when they occur. Your website stays secure and safe from cyber-attacks. A secure website is a peace of mind unparalleled of its kind. 

To understand how security benefits, consider what you lose when your website is not secure. When you manage security with your limited capacity, you may not be able to keep security measures up and running all the time. Thus, attackers can hack your website and take advantage of security vulnerabilities. A hacked website means stolen information and online assets. You can lose your business, not to mention the investment you made into your website. Can you really afford to lose your business because of poorly managed security? This should be enough to decide on a WordPress maintenance service that can guarantee security for your website. 

A secure site uses an SSL certificate so that communication between the site and the user is encrypted. The certificate lets you have “HTTPS” in the url, benefiting your business as HTTP is considered less secure and less preferred by the majority of browsers. Strong passwords ensure that brute force attacks are avoided. Regular Malware scans check for any malware, malicious code, or potential backdoors. With WordPress Firewall, you can keep attackers away from your website. All these benefits you can have with a good WordPress maintenance service. 

2. Better Error Management

As WordPress evolves, it gets closer to being perfect. However, it is not perfect yet. The addition of plugins can make it complex to manage when errors occur on your website. As a business owner, you will find these errors to be ruining the user experience on your website. This is where the maintenance service provider can help. 

A WordPress maintenance service provider can monitor your website for errors and address them immediately. This way, your website is freed from errors as quickly as possible, and user experience is not hampered thereafter. Error management is important as it ensures that critical steps are taken whenever they are necessary. This helps in the smooth functioning of your website. Catching errors early on is the key to solving them without causing much damage to your running business website. 

3. Improved SEO 

How does a WordPress maintenance service affect the SEO of your website? SEO is related to the content, you may say. True, yet SEO is also related to technical aspects of your website. Just as we discussed earlier, technical SEO helps in organizing the content of your website for the maximum SEO benefit. 

The critical factor in improving the SEO of any website is the loading time of the website. This is an indicator of the speed of your website. Faster websites rank higher on SEO metrics because speed is an important factor in SEO considerations. Speed depends on the performance of your website. WordPress maintenance service optimizes speed for your website. This is done by optimizing the database, scripts, images, etc.

4. Better Performance of Your Website

It is always better to let experts handle your website for you. This way, you can ensure better performance of your website as a lot many tasks are taken care of for the better performance of your website. 

Mobile browsing is one key area that can be addressed through the maintenance service. By making your site responsive and fast for mobile users, you can reap more benefits for your business. WordPress maintenance service uses a number of tactics to boost the performance, especially speed, of your website. 

Optimizing images, lazy loading of images,  optimizing render-blocking resources, minifying JavaScript and CSS, removing Query strings, Keeping critical CSS inline, leveraging browser caching, enabling compression, combining requests are some of the extensive measures provided by the WordPress maintenance service of WPWarrior. These tasks can skyrocket the performance of your WordPress website and ensure high performance at all times. 

5. More Time to Focus on your Business

As you offload the responsibility for the maintenance of your WordPress website, you can find more time that you can allocate to your business. Indeed, as a business owner, you should be focusing more time on business opportunities rather than getting involved with the technical details of your business website. 

Delegating maintenance can be a good move to your business operations. You can focus more on product development, promotion of your business, finding more opportunities to grow your business and other things. You can do all this all the while knowing that your website is handled by experts. Peace of Mind! Don’t you think? It matters a lot. 

6. Reliable Backup of Your Business Website

Your business website is your most valuable online asset. The themes, the plugins you use, the content you create are all part of this asset. What if you lose all this in a cyber-attack? It’s a huge loss. Thankfully, backups can save you from losing everything. Most maintenance service providers provide backups of some sort. 

With WPWarrior, you can have complete surety of reliable backups of your website. All your website is backed up to the secure storage of Amazon S3. Your backups are secure, and you can retrieve them whenever you want. Backups are fully automated. Backups are taken daily, and you can also specify files to backup. Restore is a one-click operation. 

Are backups really valuable? You will get your answer from those who lost their websites and had nothing to rely back on upon. Years of effort into developing a well-performing website go waste as you lose your most valuable asset. Backups are the key to the survival in the changing nature of online presence. 

7. Support in Emergency Situations

A website can crash or go down due to an unknown reason at any instant, and when it goes down, it becomes an emergency. You would like to get back as soon as possible, and this you cannot do without expert help.

You would like to have expert support that is quickly accessible at all times. Having emergency support can be a lifesaver during challenging times. WPWarrior provides 24/7 support, even on weekends. The team is well equipped to handle any emergency. During emergency situations, safety procedures are followed so that problems can be identified and resolved as quickly as possible without affecting the website unnecessarily. You also get a detailed report about the situation and the changes that occurred because of the emergency situation. 

WPWarrior offers live chat as an instant communication medium so that you can quickly reach out to the support team. 

8. Your Website is Easier to Use

This is a real perk of having a WordPress maintenance service that takes care of all the complex maintenance issues of your website. Because of the efforts put into maintenance, your WordPress website functions smoothly and with optimum performance. 

You can confidently use your website dashboard without worrying about hectic updates, spam, and plugin conflicts. The website experience becomes easier than ever. It is like living in a house that is well maintained. It feels comfortable and worth living in. You would surely think it is worth having a WordPress maintenance service. 

So these are some of the benefits you can get for your business website by using a WordPress maintenance service. It is an investment that pays for itself and saves you from losing your website. Here at WPWarrior, we provide expert WordPress maintenance. You can also check WordPress hosting for podcasters, If you are serious about podcasting. Our comprehensive approach to maintenance covers everything we just discussed in this article. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to help!

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